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5 steps to successfully learn machine learning by yourself

How to learn Machine learning? Learning machine learning is not a big deal but if you want to be an expert in any field you need someone as a mentor. So try to follow some professional machine learning blogs like Shout Future, Kdnuggets, Analytics Vidhya etc., and if you have any doubts, clarify it through forums or directly ask in comments.

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Machine Learning 

I realised the growth and development of machine learning in future will be incredible, so started to learn Machine learning back in 2013. I started from scratch and I confused a lot. Because I don't know what to do and where to start.
I think you are also like me! Here I mentioned step by step learning process to become a professional machine learning engineer yourself.

1.Getting Started:

  • Find out what is machine learning.
  • Skills to become machine learning engineer.
  • Attend conferences and workshops.
  • Interact with experienced people directly or through social media.

2. Learn Basics of Mathematics and statistics:

3. Choose your tool: Learn R or Python:

Learn R:
Learn Python:

4. Basic and Advanced machine learning tools:

5. Build your Profile:

That's it. With these skills you can enter into the sexiest job in the world now called "Data Scientist". Plan well and follow this steps very well. 
You have to travel very long to become an expert in this field. So start your journey from today onwards and separate yourself from the crowd. 
Please Comment your ideas and opinions. 


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