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Zurich Insurance starts using AI to process personal injury claim

Zurich Insurance is deploying artificial intelligence in deciding personal injury claims after trials cut the processing time from an hour to just seconds, its chairman said.  "We recently introduced AI claims handling, and saved 40,000 work hours, while speeding up the claim processing time to five seconds," Tom de Swaan told Reuters. The insurer had started using machines in March to review paperwork, such as medical reports.  "We absolutely plan to expand the use of this type of AI (artificial intelligence)," he said.  Insurers are racing to hone the benefits of technological advancements such as big data and AI as tech-driven startups, like Lemonade, enter the market. Lemonade promises renters and homeowners insurance in as little as 90 seconds and payment of claims in three minutes with the help of artificial intelligence bots that set up policies and process claims.  De Swaan said Zurich Insurance, Europe's fifth-biggest insurer, would increasingly use ma…
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China Sets National Laboratory to Lead World in Brain-Like AI Artificial Intelligence

China's first national laboratory for brain-like artificial intelligence (AI) technology was inaugurated Saturday to pool the country's top research talent and boost the technology. China’s rapid rise up the ranks of AI research has the world's scientific community taking notice. In October, the Obama White House released a “strategic plan” for AI research, which noted that the U.S. no longer leads the world in journal articles on “deep learning,” a particularly hot subset of AI research right now. The country that had overtaken the U.S.? China, of course.
“I have a hard time thinking of an industry we cannot transform with AI,” says Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Baidu. Ng previously cofounded Coursera and Google Brain, the company’s deep learning project. Now he directs Baidu’s AI research out of Sunnyvale, California, right in Silicon Valley.
“China has a fairly deep awareness of what’s happening in the English-speaking world, but the opposite is not true,” says Ng. He poi…

Microsoft uses Big data analytics to save the Earth

Microsoft is undertaking several projects dedicated to sustainability
Microsoft has been making significant contributions in Tech for Good and has taken significant steps towards environment conservation. The company’s going green mantra is underscored by the $1.1 million in 2016, fundraising and 5,949 number of volunteering hours put in by its employees. But it doesn’t stop there. Microsoft’s ecosystem allows the firm, its employees, and the business partners to leverage new technologies for improving sustainability of their companies and communities. The Redmond giant recently tied up withThe Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit to extend support for nonprofits globally. greening the planetMicrosoft’s commitment towardsnature is deeply rooted in the technologies it utilizes. Microsoft announced a $1 billion commitment to bring cloud computing resources to nonprofit organizations around the world. The firm donates near $2 million every day in products and services to nonprofits as a part of …

Facebook's New AI created a faster and accurate Translation system

Facebook's research arm is coming up with better ways to translate text using AI. Facebook Facebook’s billion-plus users speak a plethora of languages, and right now, the social network supports translation of over 45 different tongues. That means that if you’re an English speaker confronted with German, or a French speaker seeing Spanish, you’ll see a link that says “See Translation.”
But Tuesday, Facebook announced that its machine learning experts have created a neural network that translates language up to nine times faster and more accurately than other current systems that use a standard method to translate text. The scientists who developed the new system work at the social network’s FAIR group, which stands for Facebook A.I. Research. “Neural networks are modeled after the human brain,” says Michael Auli, of FAIR, and a researcher behind the new system. One of the problems that a neural network can help solve is translati…

5 steps to successfully learn machine learning by yourself

How to learn Machine learning? Learning machine learning is not a big deal but if you want to be an expert in any field you need someone as a mentor. So try to follow some professional machine learning blogs like Shout Future, Kdnuggets, Analytics Vidhya etc., and if you have any doubts, clarify it through forums or directly ask in comments.

I realised the growth and development of machine learning in future will be incredible, so started to learn Machine learning back in 2013. I started from scratch and I confused a lot. Because I don't know what to do and where to start.
I think you are also like me! Here I mentioned step by step learning process to become a professional machine learning engineer yourself.

1.Getting Started:

Find out what is machine learning.Skills to become machine learning engineer.Attend conferences and workshops.Interact with experienced people directly or through social media.2. Learn Basics of Mathematics and statistics:Start to learn Descriptive and Infere…

Data Analytics role in preventing insurance fraud

While there is no doubt that the insurance segment is witnessing an unprecedented annual growth, insurers continue to struggle with loss-leading portfolios and lower insurance penetration among consumers. Insurers are facing increasing pressure to strike the right balance, while ensuring adherence to underwriting and claims decisions in the face of regulatory pressures, growth of digital channels and increasing competition. Adding to this is the need to secure the good risks, while weeding out the bad risks.  Insurers are turning their attention towards big data and analytics solutions to help check fraud, recognize misrepresentation and prevent identity theft. With the government’s recent push to adopt digitization, the Aadhaar card plays a crucial role, linking income tax permanent account numbers (PANs), banks, credit bureaus, telecoms and utilities and providing a unified and centralized data registry that profiles an individual’s economic behaviour. The e-commerce boom provides …

Statistics | Data Gathering Techniques

Table of Contents:

Nature of Data
              1. Time series data.
              2. Spatial data
              3. Spacio-temporal data.
Categories of data
           1.Primary data 
            1. Direct personal interviews.
            2. Indirect Oral interviews.
            3. Information from correspondents.
            4. Mailed questionnaire method.
            5. Schedules sent through enumerators.
2. Secondary data
1. Published sources
                2. Unpublished sources.

Everybody collects, interprets and uses information, much of it in numerical or statistical forms in day-to-day life. It is a common practice that people receive large quantities of information everyday through conversations, televisions, computers, the radios, newspapers, posters, notices and instructions. It is just because there is so much information available that people need to be able to absorb, select and reject it.

 In everyday life, in business and industry, certain statistical infor…